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Complete with Only 4 Buttons

Cardlax provides 8 different modes for your sensation, along with the plus and minus buttons to change the intensity.

Portable and Helpful

When you feel tired from long hours of exercise or work, Cardlax is right here to relax your muscle and relieve your body discomfort.

Washable Pads

With our gel pads you can give them new life by washing them, just use warm water and your pads will be available for longer use. 

Card-sized Design

With its 4.5 mm, it becomes the world’s thinnest electrical massager. Take it in your wallet, purse or even pocket. Say goodbye to big bulky devices.

7.5-Hour Duration

With a double battery layout, it allows you to enjoy relaxation for long periods of time. 

Simple Operation

Connect the wires, attach them to your body and you’re all set for an incredible journey!

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