1. What shipping service will you be using?

  • Most of the rewards we have listed (except the SUPER FAST DELIVERY), will use Container shipping to ship to the destination country or city and then use the local post office or shipping services to get Cardlax to your home. 

2. Are there VAT, duties, or fees related to shipping?

  • For container shipment orders to US EU AU CA CN HK SG area, we will pay the tax.

  • Kickstarter rewards are gifts that you receive in return for your donations. They are different from ordinary sales/purchases. Our courier had worked on dozens crowdfunding projects which went smoothly through fulfillment. Under our arrangement, it won't entail additional costs for you under most circumstances. Despite that, the fact we're shipping directly from China may still impose a chance for further inspection and determination by the customs. The VAT, duties and fees vary by country. Please message us about the specifics.